[Brexit] Vive la Grande Bretagne !

[Brexit] Vive la Grande Bretagne !

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Long live Great Britain!

Political speeches keep insisting on the motives behind the Brexit vow: the brits have apparently voted to leave the EU because of immigration. It’s very bad.

Such demonization happened in France during the 2005 referendum (when the ‘No’ to the new treaty won). Of course the fact that the people of Europe keep voting ‘No’ to all the referendums for the past 10 years has nothing to do with the disastrous performance of the EU in terms of quality of life of its citizens (wages, unemployment, inequality, destruction of public services, etc.). The policy of the EU is the convergence from the bottom!

So a really rude awakening for the European Union technocrats who realised this morning their perfect union actually has citizens in several countries. Indeed, after being first recorded in Britain, it could be that other EU countries are also affected. Analyses are underway …

Raymondo – Paris – 24 June 2016