[Christine te parle] Dear Occupy, you’ve been right all this time!

[Christine te parle] Dear Occupy, you’ve been right all this time!

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Dear Left blogger, dear Occupy, dear Nuit Debout, dear early follower or The Other School of Economics, dear aficionado of BlaqSwans unpredictable events, dear Yanis V ….

Christine Lagarde from the IMF just sent you a private message: you’ve been right all this time!

Neoliberalism has been Oversold (Instead of delivering growth, some neoliberal policies have increased inequality, in turn jeopardizing durable expansion)

( source: https://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/fandd/2016/06/pdf/ostry.pdf )

After your first intuition that something wasn’t quite right in the 1990s when you read your first Naomi Klein, after you started to put it in words moonlighting for ATTAC, after the first protests in Seattle, Genoa, after the incomprehensible treason of those social-democrats ~ Labor ~ Socialists (Clinton, Schroeder, Blair and now Hollande) who put the final nail of the coffins designed by the Right… after all that, the IMF, that temple of the neoliberal non-alternative, has just issued an erratum to its Scriptures…

I guess the great priests (Schäuble, Junker, Macron, etal) will now have to read the memo and change their creed…

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 Raymondo – 1 June 2016 – Paris


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