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[Christine te parle] Dear Occupy, you’ve been right all this time!

Dear Left blogger, dear Occupy, dear Nuit Debout, dear early follower or The Other School of Economics, dear aficionado of BlaqSwans unpredictable events, dear Yanis V ….
Christine Lagarde from the IMF just sent you a private message: you’ve been right all this time!

Neoliberalism has been Oversold (Instead of delivering growth, some neoliberal policies have increased… Continue reading

[France] The truth is that without a new map cut by Hollande, the National Front would have won local government

One week after the disastrous local elections in France, the analysis can be summarised in a few points:
– The Left (le Parti Socialiste) only keeps 5 of the 12 “regions” (the equivalents of the States and Territories in Australia). But boasted that a ‘republican resistance’ had enabled to prevent the National Front from winning any… Continue reading

[Freudian] Former US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson cannot stop laughing about inequality: “We Made It Wider!”

At a conference hosted in April 2015 by the real wolf of Wall Street Mike Milken (sentenced to ten years in prison for racketeering and securities fraud in 1989, fined $600 million, permanently barred from the securities industry), questioned by Sheryl Sandberg and former US Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin (former co chairman of Goldman Sachs who… Continue reading

The tea leaves are unequivocal: the latest French nuclear EPR technology has finally reached maturity

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A reader wrote to, and we found it interesting to publish that text to contribute to the debate on nuclear, which is too often Manichean.

Raymondo – 9 septembre 2015 – Paris

What is the EPR nuclear technology? 
The EPR is a third generation pressurized water reactor (PWR) design. It has been designed and… Continue reading

Joue-la comme Barthes: mythes et affiches de la campagne municipale à Paris

Le printemps approche et la vie s’ébroue. Les élections municipales françaises auront lieu les 23 et 30 mars 2014, l’occasion d’une revue d’effectif avec l’aide de Roland Barthes.
Dans Mythologies (1957), série de courts articles réagissant à l’actualité d’alors, le sémiologue en devenir démonte, par une analyse acérée, accessible et humoristique[1], le mythe du “naturel” auquel,… Continue reading

Il Capo Guida Fra La Libertà (M5S 2/2)

[ Suite palpitante de nos vacances romaines ensoleillées, rapportées dans un précédent billet où l’on découvre que la liberté à besoin d’un chef. ]
Plongés enthousiastes dans le grand bain de la politique nationale italienne, les députés du M5S n’ont pas leur langue dans la poche du contribuable. Ils s’enflamment contre les corps intermédiaires et prônent la démocratie… Continue reading