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[Brexit] Vive la Grande Bretagne !

Long live Great Britain!
Political speeches keep insisting on the motives behind the Brexit vow: the brits have apparently voted to leave the EU because of immigration. It’s very bad.
Such demonization happened in France during the 2005 referendum (when the ‘No’ to the new treaty won). Of course the fact that the people of Europe keep voting… Continue reading

[Christine te parle] Dear Occupy, you’ve been right all this time!

Dear Left blogger, dear Occupy, dear Nuit Debout, dear early follower or The Other School of Economics, dear aficionado of BlaqSwans unpredictable events, dear Yanis V ….
Christine Lagarde from the IMF just sent you a private message: you’ve been right all this time!

Neoliberalism has been Oversold (Instead of delivering growth, some neoliberal policies have increased… Continue reading

[Australia’s next crisis, part 3: the Regulator’s view] ASIC says it’s got the Big Aussie short covered

Part3: A big-short scenario for Australia has been getting a lot of attention this week. John Hempton, Bronte Capital‘s chief investment officer (a hedge fund) and Jonathan Tepper, an economist and founder of Variant Perception (an Independent Global Macroeconomic Research that presents itself as “contrarian investment analysis”) believe that Australia is heading to a scenario eponymous to… Continue reading

Mapping the emerging Post-Capitalist Paradigm and its main Thinkers

This is a cross-post of a diagram and text we originally did for the P2P Foundation and which they first published on their wiki “”. It unexpectedly generated a lot comments. We took theme into account and updated the diagram for their site ““, which generated further comments. A lot of discussion also happened on the excellent Facebook group “Friends of the P2P… Continue reading

[France] The truth is that without a new map cut by Hollande, the National Front would have won local government

One week after the disastrous local elections in France, the analysis can be summarised in a few points:
– The Left (le Parti Socialiste) only keeps 5 of the 12 “regions” (the equivalents of the States and Territories in Australia). But boasted that a ‘republican resistance’ had enabled to prevent the National Front from winning any… Continue reading

We’re baq!

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Just like Josephine Witt who jumped on Mario Draghi’s table on April 15th 2015, we’re jumping back into action after a little hiatus of a few months.
The blog has had a bit of a face lift: minimalist design because it’s easier to read, bigger pictures because it’s nicer to look at, and more motivated… Continue reading

Our Girls

I am surprised and happy to see this getting international attention. Let’s hope that all this support leads to their safe return. “On Friday, Nigerian authorities updated the number of girls kidnapped to 276. At least 53 of the girls escaped, leaving 223 in the hands of their captors, police said.”
Barbara – 5th May… Continue reading