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Mapping the emerging Post-Capitalist Paradigm and its main Thinkers

This is a cross-post of a diagram and text we originally did for the P2P Foundation and which they first published on their wiki “”. It unexpectedly generated a lot comments. We took theme into account and updated the diagram for their site ““, which generated further comments. A lot of discussion also happened on the excellent Facebook group “Friends of the P2P… Continue reading

The tea leaves are unequivocal: the latest French nuclear EPR technology has finally reached maturity

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A reader wrote to, and we found it interesting to publish that text to contribute to the debate on nuclear, which is too often Manichean.

Raymondo – 9 septembre 2015 – Paris

What is the EPR nuclear technology? 
The EPR is a third generation pressurized water reactor (PWR) design. It has been designed and… Continue reading

[Arctic] Brief environmental and geo-strategic counter-analysis to answer climate change sceptics like @rupertmurdoch

Translated and amended version of the piece initially published on
After years of ice melting in Arctic, it seems that a cooler 2013 season has reinvigorated climate change sceptics. Here is a quick  environmental and geo-strategic counter-analysis to respond to their latest outburst.
Environmental counter-analysis
This is a measurable trend: Arctic sea ice has been melting. Every year the… Continue reading

[Arctique] Rapide contre-analyse climatique et géostratégique pour répondre aux climato-sceptiques

Après des années d’inexorable fonte des glaces en Arctique, il semble qu’une saison 2013 un peu plus fraîche ait redonné du poil de la bête aux climato-sceptiques: très rapide contre-analyse climatique et géostratégique.
Contre-analyse climatique
C’est un phénomène observable et observé: la banquise arctique fond. La superficie des glaces atteint chaque année son minimum en septembre. Depuis 1979, ce… Continue reading

Watching the BBC documentary ‘Children of the Tsunami’ is as essential today as it was 2 years ago. Here is why.

It’s nearly two years since the Fukushima disaster, and as anticipated the media caravan has passed. Whilst most of the technical reason of the nuclear meltdown have been analysed to death, the key issues surrounding the long term human toll has moved off the agenda, as if it was something that resilient populations were going… Continue reading