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Mapping the emerging Post-Capitalist Paradigm and its main Thinkers

This is a cross-post of a diagram and text we originally did for the P2P Foundation and which they first published on their wiki “”. It unexpectedly generated a lot comments. We took theme into account and updated the diagram for their site ““, which generated further comments. A lot of discussion also happened on the excellent Facebook group “Friends of the P2P… Continue reading

[Prostitution] Politique-fiction: Victor Hugo soutiendrait la campagne abolitionniste, et vous?

Victor Hugo déclarait en 1862 : “On dit que l’esclavage a disparu de la civilisation européenne. C’est une erreur. Il existe toujours, mais il ne pèse plus que sur la femme, et il s’appelle prostitution.”
Prostitution : un métier comme un autre ou une forme de domination économique et sexuelle dont les putes sont les victimes… Continue reading

No matter the Australian election result, 3 defining speeches of the last Labor PMs #Apology #Misogyny #GayMarriage

Whilst the outcome of the 2013 Australian Federal election is obviously undecided, the big picture of the past 6 years of Labor government is already pretty clear. The incumbent Prime Minister is looking like the underdog after 2 Labor terms marked by leadership battles and policy ‘challenges‘*, which basically saw his party dragged into the… Continue reading

FEMEN, the feminists turning the oppressed woman’s body back against the oppressors

[This is the English translation of a post initially published in French by Celine Trefle]
An article about topless women activists like the FEMEN is always going to be click bait, however there is more substance to their activities than exposing boobs. The radical feminism of FEMEN has reignited a long term battle within feminist movements, which like… Continue reading