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[Headache] Paris attacks: Who benefits from ISIS terrorism? Bashar al-Assad

OPINION – Original paywalled article from the Australian Financial Review
Paris attacks: Who benefits from the terrorism? Bashar al-Assad
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, seen here with Russian President Putin, who is backing the dictator’s odious regime. AP
by Josh Rogin
At the same time murderers were attacking Paris, the West’s top diplomats were travelling to Vienna with the goal of replacing a mass… Continue reading

[Arctique] Rapide contre-analyse climatique et géostratégique pour répondre aux climato-sceptiques

Après des années d’inexorable fonte des glaces en Arctique, il semble qu’une saison 2013 un peu plus fraîche ait redonné du poil de la bête aux climato-sceptiques: très rapide contre-analyse climatique et géostratégique.
Contre-analyse climatique
C’est un phénomène observable et observé: la banquise arctique fond. La superficie des glaces atteint chaque année son minimum en septembre. Depuis 1979, ce… Continue reading

The Gatekeepers – The documentary
This documentary is about to be screened at the Israeli Film Festival in Sydney before a general release around the country. It was aired in France and Israel this year and made a profound impact. Six former bosses of Israel’s internal secret services, Shin Bet, openly talk for an hour and a half about their… Continue reading

The Gatekeepers – Le Film
Un documentaire diffusé récemment sur ARTE qui le moins qu’on puisse dire est a fait son effet en Israël. Six anciens patrons du Shin Bet, la sécurité intérieure israélienne, racontent pendant une heure et demie leur lutte contre le terrorisme palestinien mais aussi contre l’extrême droite religieuse juive.
Le contenu n’est en soit pas nouveau: l’impossible spirale dans laquelle… Continue reading

Why some see unsettling parallels between this crisis and 1914? And guess who could be the next Franz Ferdinand?

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa announced a few days ago that he believed his country has overcome the diplomatic spat with Britain over its threat to enter the Ecuadoran Embassy in London in order to arrest WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

The saga has shifted from the sensation caused by US military shooting civilians like in a video… Continue reading

Book review: “The American Empire and the Political Economy of Global Finance”

This post continues the conversation started here on the complex relationship between ‘the American Empire’ (perceived or real) and global finance.  “American Empire and the Political Economy of Global Finance” published by Palgrave MacMillan is a marvellous book that demonstrates the American state’s central place in today’s world of globalized finance. While US military interventions… Continue reading