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Mapping the emerging Post-Capitalist Paradigm and its main Thinkers

This is a cross-post of a diagram and text we originally did for the P2P Foundation and which they first published on their wiki “”. It unexpectedly generated a lot comments. We took theme into account and updated the diagram for their site ““, which generated further comments. A lot of discussion also happened on the excellent Facebook group “Friends of the P2P… Continue reading

[France] The truth is that without a new map cut by Hollande, the National Front would have won local government

One week after the disastrous local elections in France, the analysis can be summarised in a few points:
– The Left (le Parti Socialiste) only keeps 5 of the 12 “regions” (the equivalents of the States and Territories in Australia). But boasted that a ‘republican resistance’ had enabled to prevent the National Front from winning any… Continue reading

[Watch] An atheist (Sam Harris) and a Muslim (Maajid Nawaz) on the future of Islam

Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation – Lateline  – Broadcast: 28/10/2015 – Reporter: Tony Jones
This is really a must watch and read especially after the shootings in Paris (13/11) and Beirut (12/11), and the more than approximative analyses that have been flowing in their aftermath. That interview was conducted as heads were still cool. Tony Jones speaks with the… Continue reading

[Freudian] Former US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson cannot stop laughing about inequality: “We Made It Wider!”

At a conference hosted in April 2015 by the real wolf of Wall Street Mike Milken (sentenced to ten years in prison for racketeering and securities fraud in 1989, fined $600 million, permanently barred from the securities industry), questioned by Sheryl Sandberg and former US Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin (former co chairman of Goldman Sachs who… Continue reading

[Greek Tragedy] Former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis comes back on Greece’s economic crisis

The Australian Magazine The Monthly published in its August 2015 issue an excellent interview of former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis. With the benefit of hindsight, he comes back on the circumstances of the crisis that took place in June-July, the cynicism of the Troika, the various views within Syriza. Here is the text in full, as well… Continue reading

Référendum en Ecosse : L’élan démocratique fracassé sur la peur du changement.

Ils sont beaux. Dans les rues, les filles et les fils d’Ecosse, partisans du oui, jeunes et vieux, grands-parents, parents et enfants, se rassemblent, rient, parlent, se taisent, agitent le drapeau écossais. Mais toujours le sourire éclaire leurs visages. Il n’y a pas de peur, d’appréhension, pas de tension. Pas de colère non plus. Même… Continue reading


CNN Video and Article on Choking Tragedy
To all those who argued with me as to rather this was a choke hold YOU WERE WRONG !
Oh wait I said that, I am saying it again. To all those who justify this injustice by arguing that he resisted arrest, as if resisting arrest justifies those sent… Continue reading

Precision Weapon

You can’t control bullets released from a gun.
You can’t ensure rockets won’t misfire
You can’t cease fire.
You can’t keep scared boys from fighting when they believe.
You can’t keep scared boys from shooting the enemy they perceive.
You can’t keep people from trying to meet their most basic needs.
You can’t cease fire.
You can’t ensure the message was received.
You… Continue reading