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Mapping the emerging Post-Capitalist Paradigm and its main Thinkers

This is a cross-post of a diagram and text we originally did for the P2P Foundation and which they first published on their wiki “”. It unexpectedly generated a lot comments. We took theme into account and updated the diagram for their site ““, which generated further comments. A lot of discussion also happened on the excellent Facebook group “Friends of the P2P… Continue reading

Les librairies de quartier ripostent en ligne à l’emprise des géants

La concentration des acteurs économiques semble le fruit inéluctable de l’économie mondialisée. Mais certains innovent à leur échelle pour conserver leur indépendance. C’est le cas de libraires parisiens regroupés au sein de Paris Librairies.
Cartellisation à crédit
La concentration concerne tous les secteurs de l’économie et lui est même consubstantielle depuis l’apparition du crédit. On ne prête qu’aux riches… Continue reading

A new web paradigm: Pearltrees

A few days ago I found out about an application that threw me off my chair:
The reason is that I have been discussing a similar concept around me for a few months  – without taking any serious step towards implementing it -. So here I was, contemplating the execution of the idea and going… Continue reading